Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My new cake site

This is my new site dedicated to the world of cakes and sugar craft. I wanted to keep it separate from the cooking and gardening side of things and concentrate it purely on my creations.

I love making cake, cake is always for a celebration, to mark a special occasion in someones life, from a christening to a birthday, a marriage to an anniversary... it is always something that will have smiling faces and bringing family and friends together.

So for that I love my job, I love that I can add to someones special occasion by creating something that will add to their day. I have gone through different jobs in my time, some I hated and others I have loved but I do feel I have found my calling, and what better way than to make someone smile by creating something that they can enjoy to both look at and eat!

My favourite cake to date... Alice In Wonderland themed Birthday cake