Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Carlos Lischetti's Pinocchio

It has been a while, I know, since my last and first post but it has been a manic busy time between the cookbook, in and out of a job, regular cake making, articles for Easy Food Magazine etc, that unfortunately blogging gets pushed down the list.
In that space of time I went to Dublin to film a sugar craft demo on a very basic fondant Santa Claus that anyone would be able to make as a topper for their Christmas cake. This was an amazing experience to be filmed by 3 camera men and I gotta say the nerves where at a minimum. Creating characters has been at the front run of my cake business, but what I have learned through that experience and the experience I have gained from doing Demos for crowds is that making figures that are facing away from you are definitely more challenging haha.

Here is my video demo for Easy Food Magazine:

How to make a fondant Santa with cake crafter Paul Callaghan

Also in this time I had gotten in contact with Carlos Lischetti, world known sugarcraft master. We sent emails back and forth and I had an opportunity to meet with him a month ago while he was in Dublin but unfortunately things didn't work out and we both missed each other..

I decided to give his Pinocchio character a go and was very pleased with the outcome:

I have come up with 12 or more ideas now of different characters that I wish to make in this fashion, including 'Loves young dream', Clark Kent/Superman, The Nativity scene, The Tortoise and Hare to name a few... 

So thats it for now folks, I'm off to imagine, dream and create!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My new cake site

This is my new site dedicated to the world of cakes and sugar craft. I wanted to keep it separate from the cooking and gardening side of things and concentrate it purely on my creations.

I love making cake, cake is always for a celebration, to mark a special occasion in someones life, from a christening to a birthday, a marriage to an anniversary... it is always something that will have smiling faces and bringing family and friends together.

So for that I love my job, I love that I can add to someones special occasion by creating something that will add to their day. I have gone through different jobs in my time, some I hated and others I have loved but I do feel I have found my calling, and what better way than to make someone smile by creating something that they can enjoy to both look at and eat!

My favourite cake to date... Alice In Wonderland themed Birthday cake